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Shannon Brown has worked in a variety of client focused roles. As a client success manager, she was responsible for day to day client escalations and strategizing to help achieve company goals around the use of purchased tools and services. In addition, client retention, relationship building and growth. As an optimization manager, she has been responsible for providing client success managers with streamlined procedures to gain client meetings and ideas for growth. There has also been a responsibility to work with internal teams to affirm the success team had all the tools available to succeed in their role.  Virtually Impossible was created as an extension of current skills and knowledge and will be a great aide to business professionals, entrepreneurs and more that value their time to work on major projects as opposed to the smaller tasks. In addition, for those that need to better understand how to move forward, Shannon can assist small businesses with a 5 step strategizing process to increase client engagement and retention.

behind virtually impossible:

Although the ultimate goal was to act as a consultant for assigned clients, on several occasions there were tedious tasks to manually complete including data input or portal updates, client training and more. This would take multiple hours and as a result, the concept of Virtually Impossible was born. 

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